Friday, 22 March 2013


Seed of Artistry was grown to professional creative artist. It took thirty-five odd years since Biswajit Ghosh born in the winter 1977 in a Middle class Bengali family. Business is the priority of family for living, still none of the guardians opposed to his interest in artistry in childhood. He observed contemporary artisans in business of making idols and models. He observed the colour of nature in paintings by reputed painters. As a child he was sensitive to his passion painting.

While studying in Fanindra Dev Institution (FDI) he took part in school level competition and own awards for his painting. Appeared of higher secondary form Jalpaiguri High School, Biswajit followed his heart and reached to the Mecca of Artist in India - "Kalavaban" Experimentation with colour, concept and materials started reflecting from his work. There he was getting prepared for entrance exams to join reputed art collage in India.

Biswajit Ghosh explains, 1994 to 1997 in Shantiniketan as his incubation period as a sculptor, under the influence of legendary sculptor Ramkinkar Baej. Unfortunately he never meet his teacher in realty. He further expresses his teacher as Dronacharya and himself as Eklavya. Finally he returns back to his home town without conventional art collage education. Still passion for painting and sculpture remain at top priority list as profession.

At his 20th birthday, Biswajit has taken decision to stick to his passion, than joining family business. Due to uncomfortable situation in home, he left the home and took shelter in old scrappy house. It was his love to freedom artist consciousness, lead to the opening an art school and a studio in the rented house. Five struggling years in exile plotted on canvas, sculpture and given him the recognition as professional artist. During this phase art exhibitions took lot of time and created an opportunity to sale his creation. In 2002 due to parents he returned back to his home. But situation was favorable to his profession; he continued his work from home.

It was biggest turn in his creative mind when he got married to word artist from deep in Assam in 2003. His life partner is dedicated to writing. She became his critic, motivation and encourages him to produce more. Now his creativity with colours become poetry, sculpture tells stories. RAJUANA is born in his work. Rajuana- Marrige of colours with words, stories with materials. Children of Rajuana are unparallel painting bold sculpture. Rajuana still living in his work, become prominent GHARANA on its own with dissolved paints and Fibres, Clay, Bronz, Wood, Scrap Metal etc.

Till today story of Biswajit Ghosh continue and energy flows in his work. 

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